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Of the two single vineyard Barolo wines produced by Amalia Cascina in Langa, Barolo Le Coste di Monforte was the first to be put on the market, with the 2010 vintage (to be precise, it had already been produced in 2007 and 2008, but was then marketed without citing the cru of origin).

The vineyard, colored in yellow and situated almost directly in front of the winery center, is located along the southern border of the MGA and therefore in the same production area of Barolo. At this point, as is more evident in the second panoramic image, the exposure rotates a little more toward the southeast, which accounts for more freshness and elegance than the Barolo Bussia of this same winery.

The soils, as can be seen in the extract from the geo-viticultural map below, derive from sandy Sant’Agata Fossili Marls, yet, despite the reference to sandstone, are more clayey and compact than those of Bussia—or for that matter of the Fantini area, which within the MGA Bussia represents a real case apart.

A final note is merited on the length of maturation in wood. If in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 vintages the first 12 months were in barriques followed by another 20 months in large casks, from 2018 it was decided to return to a single passage of about 30 months in 26-hectoliter French oak barrels, as was the case with the 2010 and 2011 vintages. The only exception was 2013, for which only French oak tonneaux were used.



Elevation: 380-400 mt.
Exposure: southeast.
Geology: sandy Sant’Agata Fossili Marls.

Year of planting: 1982.
Surface under vine: 0.99 ha.

Vinification: traditional, with maceration on the skins for about 30 days.
Aging: in 26-hl French oak barrels for about 30 months.

First vintage released: 2010.
Vintages produced: all, except 2014.

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